Sally learns the truth about Miles

Sally is stunned to learn that Miles is her brother. Miles explains how their dad, Aaron, took Miles on the run after their mum Diana threatened to take them both away with her. He tells Sally that after Diana and Derek died in a boating accident, he and Aaron went back to find Sally. But when they eventually tracked her down in Summer Bay, Aaron realised she was better off with the Fletchers.

Aaron died after becoming an alcoholic. Miles then had a breakdown in his teens, before falling in love and having a baby, until the Phuket tsunami caused his entire world to fall apart and he lost everything. As Sally remembers Miles is her twin brother, Colleen interrupts their embrace.

With Colleen in on the news, everyone in the Bay hears that Miles and Sally are brother and sister. However, Sally’s mood is soon dealt a blow when she learns that Johnny Cooper has escaped from jail and is on his way to Summer Bay to seek revenge…

At the hospital, Rachel checks on Cassie and discovers her HIV status from her medical chart. Rachel offers Cassie support as both doctor and friend, which helps Cassie go some way towards coming to terms with her condition.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday March 18*

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