Ashley discovers it’s not quite time to thank the Lord when Terry tells him psycho Sally has bunked up at the B&B. Still, he’s in church when Sally finds him and starts ranting about what a bad wife Laurel is. Edna overhears and, together, she and Ashley tell her she’s got nothing left to fight with. But Sally doesn’t see it that way and, infuriated by her refusal to leave, Ashley tells her he’ll kill her if she doesn’t leave him and his family alone. He’d better pray she doesn’t turn up dead… If she does, it will be after she has totally trashed the vicarage, scrawling ‘Burn in hell’ on a wall. But has Sally gone for good?

Meanwhile, at the other big village scandal… Will is the only Wylde child who doesn’t know what his Daddy has done. With the village gossips at full throttle, Natasha realises she has to tell Will the truth about Mark before someone else does.

With Angelica’s christening in the bag, Nicola moves on to her marriage to Jimmy. She’s not happy when she hears that Charity’s plans to wed Cain are in full swing and pushes Jimmy to set a date for their big day. So, 26 June it