Sally makes a move on John!

Kevin’s irritated by John’s increasing influence on Sally, while Fiz is suspicious about the amount of time that John is spending at the Websters. John asks Sally if she wants to go to the theatre to see one of her set texts and she thinks it’s a surreptitious date. Sally dolls herself up for her English lesson with John and she finally admits that she fancies him. John is stunned by her admission and is lost for words!

Sarah arranges to have some official wedding photos taken outside the church after missing out on the day itself and she gives Jason her wedding dress to take to the dry cleaners. Dim Jason leaves the dress in the cafe by accident and David spots it and spirits it away. David drags the dress through muddy puddles and then gives it to the Mortons’ to use for their bonfire night guy!

Jerry realises that he’s really stuffed up after leaving Jodie to care for the family while he was in jail and he promises that he’ll look after Finlay and Kayleigh while Jodie has a date with Lloyd. Jodie is pleased that Jerry is making an effort but she’s not sure it will last!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Jason is frantic when he realises that he’s lost Sarah’s wedding dress and he lies that he’s taken it to the dry cleaners. Sarah, Jason and Bethany go to the local bonfire and Sarah is horrified to see her wedding dress going up in flames on the Mortons’ guy!

Sally explains to John that he makes her feel alive, while John listens open-mouthed. John tries to break it to her gently that he’s not interested and suggests that they stop their lessons and Sally is mortified at her mistake. At school, John is unnerved when Rosie starts flirting and he diverts her attention by revealing that Sally came on to him. Rosie thinks it’s hilarious!

Jodie enjoys her date with Lloyd at the bonfire do and they share their first kiss. But they’re interrupted by Jerry who dumps the kids on them while he goes for a beer. Disaster strikes when Finlay gets a spark from the bonfire in his eye and Jodie and Lloyd have to take him to casualty. Jerry and Jodie end up in a blazing row.

Also, Steve asks Michelle and Ryan to move into the pub with him permanently and assures her that Liz and Vernon will move out.