Ashley is a good guy, so he can’t turn his back on Sally when she reappears and reveals her marriage to Vincent isn’t one that has been made in heaven. Should Laurel be worried?

Who’d want to be in Leyla’s expensive new shoes? Not Leyla! Oh, to begin with she’s happy enough with her impulse buy – paid for with the money she impulsively stole from the Home Farm shop. But when Nathan goes through the shop’s accounts Leyla has a crisis of conscience and admits to Gennie that she nicked £250 for the shoes. Nathan quickly spots that money’s missing but blames Doug. Then he hears Leyla telling Maisie how much her new shoes cost and – being rather good at maths – quickly realises who the thief is. Leyla confesses and, surprisingly, Nathan says he’ll let it slide if she repays the money in a month. Hmmm, Nathan’s been insufferable since the day he arrived in Emmerdale. Has he really turned into a nice guy?

And just what sort of guy is Michael? The honest sort, who has really dumped his bride-to-be for Debbie? Cain’s not convinced, especially when Michael says he has to get back to Durham to sort things out…