Sally makes peace with Anna

Over dinner, Anna, Tim, Sally and Faye discuss Christening ideas for Miley and Tim’s pleased to see Anna and Sally making an effort to get on.

Tony’s plan seems to be coming together when Liz announces that the time’s right to move to Spain now that Steve is on the mend. She’s also going to approach Travis Ltd and see if they’d like to buy her half of the pub, too, while letting Steve and Michelle continue to run it.

Calming himself, David returns to court and apologises to the Judge. But back at the Platts’, he’s raging following his character assassination, accusing Sarah of furnishing Callum with details of his past and risking his chances in court. But she denies ever saying anything about him to Callum.  

Leanne catches Zeedan approaching Barlow’s Buys with a crowbar. Nick invites Erica to stay the night.