There’s a visitor at the Vicarage: Sally is back – again – and this time she has a suitcase with her! Much and all as Ashley and Laurel would love for the bag to be packed with, say, new Bibles for the church, it is in fact as they feared… Sally has had a huge bust-up with Vincent and has left him. Having taken such a big step, though, she now needs somewhere to live. Ashley tells Sally she can stay with them until everything is sorted and, already, Laurel is worried about just how long that may take.

Having turned up uninvited at Michael’s wedding, Charity decides to return the favour and arrives in Emmerdale looking for Debbie. There is unfinished business…

At the Home Farm shop, Leyla has a plan to pay off her debt to Nathan: she tells him to take money out of her wages until it’s all paid back. He counters with an offer of a drink in The Woolpack. Leyla tells him she’s not playing games with him and he promises he has no hidden agenda. But is he telling the truth?

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