Sally nurses Brad

A shaken Brad tells the police that Johnny Cooper was in the car which came after him. But he’s left frustrated that he doesn’t have enough evidence to nail Johnny for the crime. Later, Sally is concerned to see Brad’s bruises, so takes him back home to help apply some cream.

But while Sally’s applying the sponge to his forehead, the sexual tension increases and they are just about to kiss when they’re interrupted by Constable Fitzgerald who tells them Johnny has an alibi for last night. He leaves Brad fuming, but as Sally calms him down, Brad confesses he can’t stop thinking about her and Sally admits she feels the same.

Lee is adamant she’s putting her baby up for adoption, despite Lucas and Belle’s pleas. Later, Lee’s boyfriend Dane turns up, and tells her he’ll leave her if she keeps the baby. Lee admits she’s not prepared to lose Dane, and wants to make the adoption official.

But when Dane warns her the cops are on his trail, she agrees to secretly leave the hospital with him. Later, Lucas is stunned to discover Lee has left the baby behind to flee with Dane, and Rachel worries that Lee’s life is at risk from a post-pregnancy haemorrhage.

*Shown on RTE on Thursday March 1*