Sally prepares to move on

Sally is recovering in hospital, although she still has no memory of the stabbing. Later, Alf pops in to visit and notices Sally’s taken off her wedding ring. Worried Brad isn’t sure if he’s ready to do the same and confides in Rachel that he doesn’t want to forget his relationship with Emily just yet. Later, after a word with Rachel, Sally tells Brad she doesn’t want him to rush things and the pair share a kiss after an heart to heart.

Morag again expresses her disapproval about Ash to Martha. Martha defends Ash but later breaks down in tears in front of him about her lack of family support. She asks him if he’s going to tell his wife Rianna about their relationship but Ash hesitates, telling her it’s his son’s birthday and they should wait another week.

Elsewhere, Morag’s on a mission and corners Tony, asking him if he’ll have a word with Martha about Ash. Tony confronts Ash and tells him he shouldn’t mess Martha around, but Ash reassures him he fully intends to leave Rianna. But Martha’s furious when she hears that Morag’s been interfering again and lays into her – telling her to keep her sad life away from hers, leaving Morag close to tears.

*Screened on Friday, April 13*