Sat behind the wheel of her crushed car, a drunk Pc Sally Armstrong is shocked to see Miranda Roscoe, the assumed driver of the vehicle she hit, lying in the road. Realising Sally was involved in the collision, Pc Ben Gayle immediately calls paramedics and gives Sally the false name of Julia Jacobs before calling Sergeant Stone to fill him in.

At the hospital, Miranda’s mother, Maggie, tells Stone and Pc Millie Brown that she couldn’t have been driving as she’s only fifteen. Meanwhile, Sergeant Smith and Pc Tony Stamp grow suspicious when they find no trace of a Julia Jacobs in Sun Hill – and soon realise that the description given of the driver and her friend sounds like Sally and Ben.

Over at Stone’s flat, a distraught Sally ignores calls from Smithy, fearing her career could be over, and recalls kissing Damian Girton. Stone visits Damian, who tells him that he saw Sally get into her car, drunk. Spying Damian’s wedding photo, Stone suggests that Damian might want to play dumb when the police question him.

With evidence mounting against Sally and suspicions growing as to her whereabouts on the night of the accident, Sally decides to return to Sun Hill to try and explain herself – and save her career…

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