Sally realises her fate

While surgeons battle to save Sally’s life, she finds herself in Summer Bay house, reunited with her foster dad Tom Fletcher, who died when she was a teenager. Overwhelmed, Sally wants to know if this means she has died too. Tom reveals that it wasn’t her time to go and says that Miles was the one supposed to be struck with Johnny’s knife. Fate intervened and Sally now has a choice whether to live or die.

While Sally flatlines on the operating table, Tom shows Sally how the people she loves are reacting to the news of Johnny’s attack. It upsets Sally to see a distressed Colleen and Miles blame themselves for her predicament. Tom then shows Sally a glimpse of what life would be like in Summer Bay without her. She sees Miles going back to his old ways, unable to forgive himself, and Colleen leaving the Bay, unable to live with her guilt.

When Tom gives Sally a glimpse the future if she does return, Sally sees herself watch Pippa grow up, help Annie find her faith again and provide a shoulder to cry on for Leah.

Tempted by a possible reunion with Flynn if she decides not to return, Sally has a hard decision to make…

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday March 27*