Tyrone gives Molly a karaoke machine for Christmas. But later, Kevin grabs her in the back yard of No 9 and they agree that it’s time to break the news to Tyrone and Sally. Kevin’s on the verge of telling Sally he’s leaving her when she shocks him with the news that she’s got breast cancer. Kevin leaves and in a blind panic tells Molly their relationship is over as Sally has cancer. Molly puts on a brave face as she serves Tyrone, Jack, Connie and Pam their Christmas dinner.

Simon’s thrilled with his bike from Ken until George and Eve go one better and give him a Wii games console, leaving Ken feeling inadequate. When George accidentally pours Peter a glass of wine Ken goes off the deep end. George and Eve leave and Deirdre congratulates Ken on ruining Christmas Day.

Audrey quietly explains to David that the reason she invited Nick over is so that he can meet Joe and tell Gail what a terrible mistake she’s making. Nick chats to Joe, and to David and Audrey’s annoyance gets on well with him. Tina and Jason arrive for Christmas dinner and David notices her discomfort around Nick.

Also, Steve admits to Liz he’d like to have a baby with Becky.

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