Sally sees pound signs when Kev wins big

Sally and Jeff are loved up over the breakfast table when Kevin calls round. He’s furious to discover Jeff stayed the night, but Sally points out she’s a free agent. Fuming, Kevin goes to buy a scratch card. He can’t believe it when he discovers he’s won big and neither can a seething Tyrone. As he meets Sally at the solicitor’s, to agree the financial settlement, Kevin asks her one more time to give the marriage another go, but Sally’s adamant she wants a divorce. In the dark about Kevin‘s win Sally prepares to sign the divorce papers.

Jim calls at the Rovers and begs Steve to make up with Liz. But Steve sides with Becky and reckons Liz should go back to Spain. In tears after a fruitless meeting with her bank manager Liz realises there’s no way she can buy the Rovers. But Jim has a shocking suggestion for her on her return.

Trevor tells Janice he’s given up his job on the bins and bought an old campervan so he can go travelling across Europe. Janice is gutted, but Trevor has a surprise proposition.

Also, Anna’s disheartened to hear that Social Services have postponed the review meeting about Faye for a third time; Fiz brings John home from the hospital.

*Second episode, 8.30*

Sally does a dramatic u-turn when she hears Kevin’s in the money. Sally and Kevin row in the solicitor’s office as she reckons she’s entitled to half of his winnings and refuses to sign the papers. As the couple arrive back in the pub at loggerheads, the women take Sally’s side and the men take Kevin’s. Kevin tells Sally he’s fed up with fighting and reckons they should give their marriage another go with the comfort of money.

As Trevor prepares to set off on his travels, he shocks Janice by kissing her. She prepares to leave the street on a high and roars off into the sunset.

Roy‘s unnerved when he receives a shocking letter from his mother telling him his stepfather, who he never got on with, has died.

Also, Anna and Eddie get news on whether Faye wants to live with them; a happy John and Fiz finally enjoy time at home with baby Hope.

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