Sally sets Laurel up to fall down drunk

Laurel and Ashley are celebrating four years of marriage. Will they make it to five? Not if Sally has anything to do with it… Before they leave for their anniversary dinner, Sally spikes Laurel’s drink. When they’re gone, she tells Doug he can go out while she babysits.

But with Doug gone Sally turns from helpful to horrible… She wakes up Gabby and is forcing the little girl to listen to a story when Ashley returns with a very drunk Laurel. While he puts Laurel to bed, Sally puts poor Gabby back to bed and settles down with a drink, suggesting she and Ashley toast happy memories. Irritated by Laurel’s behaviour, Ashley joins Sally…

Also on babysitting duty are Cain and Charity. She’s determined to make good use of their time alone together – but not in the way Cain would like. Charity wants to talk, and suggests that money is the only thing coming between them. She kisses Cain, then tells him that’s all he’s getting until she’s convinced he trusts her. What’s Cain prepared to risk to get Charity in bed?

At The Woolpack, Pollard wants to know why Leyla turned down David’s proposal. She assures him she still loves David and Pollard tells him this. That gives David hope for their future. But is it false hope?

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