Julia watches over Chloe anxiously waiting for Patrick to show up while Heston waits anxiously for Julia at the PCT meeting – he needs Julia’s laptop at the very least. Relieved Julia hears a knock at the door but to her shock it is Sally – how does she explain Patrick’s absence?

When Julia lets slip that Patrick didn’t come home and stayed with a friend, Sally asks male friend or female friend? Patrick eventually shows up and concocts a story about his whereabouts unaware that Sally is now on to him.

After finding a text on Patrick’s phone, Sally realises Julia knew about his affair and lied to her as well. Sally leaves taking Chloe with her – telling Julia she’s mistaken if she thinks she’s ever going to see her granddaughter again.

With Julia unable to attend the PCT meeting nervous Heston is left all alone, terrified he knows he’s going to have to wing it. Heston struggles through the afternoon and is late home, where he finds frustrated Marina having an argument with his many remote controls; he calms her down and admits he struggled with them at first. They end their day snuggled on the sofa.

Also, Elaine indulges in some Christmas spirit when she decides to rescue a Christmas tree.