Sally is caring towards Miles despite everyone else’s prejudices. Rachel suggests she should see a therapist, after her recent ordeals and Sally agrees. Later, Sally sees Miles on the beach and warns him that people might not want him around, but offers him some old clothes and the use of the caravan park showers.

After visiting Dom at the hospital behind Drew’s back, Belle comes across Reverend Hall. A nurse explains that he was the hospital attacker, and Belle impulsively decides to take a photo, later swearing Cassie to secrecy. But they are unaware that Morag has overheard some of their discussion.

Drew points out that the more people who know about Reverend Hall the better, and Belle decides to publish the photo anonymously. But when the paper comes out, Annie is devastated that the man she trusted so much has turned out to be the notorious attacker.

Later, Belle learns that the Reverend is suffering from a tumour – a fact left out of the biased article. Morag, who has taken on the Reverend’s case, realises Belle was responsible for the photo and confronts her about it in front of Drew, who isn’t happy to learn that Belle was visiting Dom in hospital.

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