Sally is still in shock after finding out that Sophie is gay. She struggles to deal with her sexuality and is torn about whether to let Sian stay at the Websters’ now her dad’s walked out. Eventually, she realises Sian has nowhere else to go and decides to let her stay. But she insists that Rosie and Sophie share a room, separating the young lovers.

Outwardly Sally’s acting calm in front of the girls, but it’s clear that inwardly she’s in turmoil. She confides her worries to Rita, but when Sian’s parents arrive she is forced to defend the girls once again.

Carla’s getting increasingly irritated by Trev’s obvious lack of business knowledge and when he cuts off an important client she struggles to hide her frustration. This time he’s in trouble.

Also, Rita is the unfortunate victim of identity fraud; Ciaran heads off to Scotland for his job interview, still believing that Michelle isn’t bothered about him staying in Weatherfield.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Natasha’s actions during the previous week have sent shockwaves through the street. The aftermath of the events are only just hitting the residents.

The Websters have decided the only course of action is to hold a summit talk with the Powers. They try as hard as they can but Sally and Kevin just can’t talk the Powers into being reasonable and Vinnie storms out. His estranged wife Carol is left to pick up the pieces with Kevin and Sally. Unable to take Sian with her to Southport, Carol asks the Websters if she can stay with them for a while longer. Sally agrees, knowing she has no other choice, but confides in Kevin that she’s still not happy with the relationship.

Carla is still feeling the pressure at work and brings some of it home with her. Trev tries to stop her from working so hard and she snaps at him, telling him that he’s the main reason she has so much work to do. The cracks are clearly beginning to show in their relationship.

Also, Jack returns to the street after a row with Connie, but doesn’t say what it’s about.

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