Sally uncovers Rocco’s deception

Johnny doesn’t let on to Rocco that he knows he grassed him up to the cops, and lies to him that the robbery is set for eight o’clock that night, which Rocco relays to Ash. But Cassie spots them together and later tells Sally, who’s concerned that Rocco is still in contact with Johnny.

Later, suspicious Sally realises Rocco has been deceiving her when she sees the caravan park bank account is empty. Determined to discover the truth, she takes Rocco’s locker keys and heads to the school, where she finds a balaclava, a bag of pills and some fake gang member ID cards.

Johnny tells the boys there’s been a change of plan and they’re now going to raid an electrics warehouse in Yabbie Creek instead. Elsewhere, Sally turns up at Johnny’s house but he’s nowhere to be seen. She spots diagrams of the robbery on the table and calls Ash.

Meanwhile, the gang begin their raid when the police turn up. Johnny tries to escape but Ash catches him and puts him under arrest. Later at the police station, Ash tells Johnny they’ve got evidence to nail him for the break-in at Amanda’s and vandalising Brad’s apartment. Johnny demands to see Rocco and tells him he will have to get rid of Sally Fletcher if he wants to save his skin.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday April 2*