Sally wonders how Kevin and Diane met

Diane arrives for her evening with Kevin. Desperate to keep the sofa debacle a secret, Kevin suggests the bistro. But when Sally and Tim join them Kevin’s horrified, worried that Sally will mention the sofa. Realising that Diane’s a cut above, Sally’s instantly impressed and wonders how she and Kevin met. Kevin quickly changes the subject. After a brief kiss from Diane he’s enraptured, but knows he’s stuck in a real predicament.

Sean and Sinead are about to head home after an uneventful evening when suddenly Sean’s luck changes and Billy introduces himself, explaining he’s the new vicar at St Mary’s. As Sean and Billy exchange phone numbers, Sean’s walking on air.

Tracy pores over her accounts, worried at the lack of business. Ken points out she should be grateful that Carla’s paid off her wedding debts.

Yasmeen does her best to persuade Sharif that buying No 6 would be a good idea as it’s so convenient for the gym and the community centre.