Sally’s back… battered and bruised!

Ashley goes to see Sally but, again, Vincent says she’s not home. He admits to Ashley that Sally has problems but insists he’s not the horrible husband Sally says he is. Both Ashley and Laurel find that hard to believe, though, when Sally later turns up on their doorstep covered in bruises. It was Vincent, she says, but she won’t let Ashley call the police. She wants to sleep on things. Laurel and Ashley are now determined to support her – but are they supporting the right side?

In the much-reduced King kingdom, Carl and Jimmy are planning to reclaim their money from Cain. They take a guided tour of the storage facility Cain’s using to hide his/their money and Carl’s gutted to discover he has no chance of getting into Cain’s unit without a key. Jimmy thinks the tight security means they should give up, but is Carl willing to leave what’s left of their dad’s dosh?

At Home Farm, Ryan confuses Katie with his attitude towards Maisie. Katie wants to invite the Wylde young woman to have a drink with them but he’s not happy about that. Why? That’s what Katie wants to know…

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