Sally’s chatted up in The Rovers

Feeling bogged down with family problems Sally agrees to a drink with Gail, where she soon finds herself being chatted up by Jeff, a very eligible bachelor. But when he asks her to dinner she’s unsure how to react. Meanwhile, Sophie returns to college and Rosie moans about her agent Alfie.

Leanne tries to be optimistic as she and Peter look to the future, and start to mend their relationship. She wants Nick out of their lives, but can’t push the issue for fear of Peter discovering her affair, so when Nick says he’s thinking of leaving she does nothing to dissuade him.

In the pub Carla’s keen to build bridges with Leanne, but when Leanne snubs her Carla follows her into the toilets, refusing to be cast as the bad guy. As the women row Carla reminds Leanne it was her who had an affair with Nick before storming out. Leanne tries to compose herself, but she’s horrified as Tracy emerges from one of the cubicles having heard everything.

Tina and Tracy clash immediately behind the bar. It’s clear they’ve failed to hit it off as they row over who should work Valentine’s Night, and fight over customers. Lloyd, who’s agreed to look after the pub while Steve and Becky are in Spain, wonders what he’s got himself into.

Also, Gary looks for a work as the Windasses get news about Faye.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Sally‘s nervous as she and Jeff get to the restaurant, but Jeff’s charming and they relax in each other’s company. Sally starts to open up, but when Jeff asks if he can take her for lunch tomorrow, she wonders whether she is prepared to take it any further.

A desperate Leanne battles to contain her sordid secret, but as she tries to brazen it out Tracy’s having none of it. Swearing it’s Peter she loves, Leanne’s left begging Tracy not to tell him. Tracy’s about to blow, but when she discovers the Barlows already know of Leanne’s affair, she’s stunned. Insisting it’s over, Ken questions if it’s wise to tell Peter while he’s in such a fragile state. Tracy can’t believe what she’s hearing and a row breaks out. Unbeknown to them all Peter has come in and demands to know what he should be told – and Tracy wonders whether to speak up.

Tracy‘s fuming after her row with Leanne, and when Tina asks if she’s OK she’s unusually touched by her sincerity. It seems relations are thawing slightly between the pair.

Also, Sian urges Sophie to confide in the college principal about her family strife; Rosie’s fuming when Alfie tries to send her on a topless job.

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