Sally is sick with exhaustion and fear as she waits for Pippa to come out of theatre. Pippa is brought back, as the family learn that, although Pippa is stable, the next 24 hours will be crucial. Sally battles to stay positive, admitting to Leah that she hopes this will bring her and Brad closer again.

Leah tries to talk to her about Alf, but Sally isn’t ready to forgive him. Later, she’s relieved when she’s told that Pippa will make a slow but full recovery. Later, Sally heads over to the boat wharf to talk to Alf who’s relieved to hear that Pippa is out of the woods. However, Alf is saddened by Sally’s cold attitude towards him and worries their relationship has been destroyed.

With everyone at the hospital, Tam is left on her own. In an effort to help Brad, she manages to persuade Rory to help her clean up his motel room. But when Brad later discovers that a large amount of cash and some personal items have been stolen, it looks like Tam is the guilty one. Tam insists she’s innocent and when Jack nabs the real thief, Brad realises he’s made a terrible mistake…

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