John sends a letter to residents of the street explaining that he and Fiz intend to live there. Roy and Hayley are sympathetic whilst Norris and Dev are appalled. Sally, meanwhile, is furious to discover John’s been writing to all her neighbours and is further incensed when she and Kevin receive the same letter. Like a woman possessed she calls a meeting in the Rovers intent on drumming up anti-John support.

Kevin has other things on his mind though – desperate to spend more time with Molly he’s found a 10k run in Glasgow and has lied to Sally about entering it. She gives him her blessing and, with Tyrone happy for Molly to go too, the illicit lovers look forward to a romantic break.

Ashley’s sexually frustrated but Claire refuses to have sex with him until he’s had a vasectomy. Ashley threatens to smash Umed’s irritating new bell at the corner shop as it’s driving him mad. Graeme intervenes and at last Ashley promises Claire he’ll have a vasectomy.

Also; Roy and Hayley receive an invitation to Frankie Baldwin’s wedding in Romania; Emily and Ken decide they’ll throw a joint birthday party in the Rovers; Peter’s disappointed when Leanne isn’t home in time for Simon’s school recital.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz can’t believe John’s played into Sally’s hands by sending the letters and knows she has to do something. Meanwhile, at the Rovers Sally is in full flow. Fiz arrives and standing on a chair she delivers a heartfelt speech appealing to the residents to show some compassion. She’s rewarded with a warm round of applause – much to Sally’s dismay!

Leanne apologises to Peter for missing Simon’s recorder recital and promises she won’t let him or Simon down again. She tells him that her job is a nightmare and that she has spent the day trying to clean up her boss’s mistakes.

Sophie asks her dad if he has something to tell them pointing out that it’s the ‘GlasGAY Ten K’. Molly quickly covers saying how she supports gay charities. Once at the bus stop, Kevin reveals to Molly that he has actually booked them into a posh hotel in Chester. They spend the afternoon in bed but Molly’s upset wishing they could be together forever. Kevin tells her should savour whatever moments they can get steal away.

Also; Graeme washes the windows at the cornershop and breaks the doorbell on purpose. Umed’s fuming whilst Dev is grateful and offers to pay Graeme for his hard work.

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