While his friends try to keep him calm, Brad nervously waits for bride-to-be Sally to turn up. Elsewhere, Sally is confiding in Pippa that she can’t go through with the wedding – one marriage was enough for her. Pippa then goes to the beach to inform Brad that Sally isn’t coming. In disbelief, Brad persuades Fisher to convince Sally to change her mind. Fisher tries his best, but realises Sally isn’t ready to tie the knot again so soon after Flynn, and Brad is left devastated and inconsolable.

Later, Sally goes to the beach to talk to Brad, but he can’t believe that Sally didn’t tell him her decision earlier, instead waiting to humiliate him in front of everyone. Sally hopes that Brad will still come home, but Brad only returns to collect his belongings. It seems Sally and Brad’s relationship is over.

Jack uses Brad and Sally’s wedding day to hassle Martha into signing their divorce papers, and Martha reluctantly agrees to see the solicitor the following day. However, when Martha gets drunk on champagne, Jack carries her to her apartment where he’s left in little doubt of Martha’s continued feelings for him…

Also, Lucas is thrilled that a publisher wants to publish his book.

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