Faye’s not happy because Mark has changed his mind – again! She tries to call him when she hears what happened to Will but he won’t pick up. He’s thinking how upset Will will be if he leaves. He goes to Faye and tells her that and she points out that she’s going to be very hurt if he doesn’t leave. Is Emmerdale about to become home to two bunny boilers?

Speaking of psycho Sally, she’s not at all happy to see Laurel back on her feet. What can she do to make Laurel feel low again? She picks up Gabby from school and gets the little girl’s haircut. Laurel is quietly furious but goes into kindly vicar’s wife mode and tells Sally it’s time she moved on. She hasn’t realised yet that it’s her life Sally wants to move on to.

It doesn’t take Eli long to retaliate against Priya’s reprimand as his boss. Angry with her for the way she spoke to him, he shuns her invitation to the pub for a drink. He must be upset if he’s turning down free booze! Is the supervisor’s job going to cost Priya the friends she has made in Emmerdale?

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