Sally’s wearing Fiz’s engagement ring!

Fiz goes to visit John and tells him she’s dropped her engagement ring into the jewellers to have the size altered. Meanwhile, Chesney offers to clean Rosie’s car for her, secretly hoping to look for the ring but Rosie won’t let him touch it. When Rosie finds the ring in her car she gives it to Sally as a present pretending she bought it. Sally’s thrilled and as she shows it off to the factory girls a stunned Fiz recognises it. While Sally’s distracted, Fiz takes it from her handbag.

Joe needs more painkillers but Gail‘s oblivious as she wonders what’s happened to her new packet of paracetamol. Joe waits until she’s gone then pulls them from his pocket taking a couple. But Joe needs more and later Gail is shocked as he storms out of the medical centre when the doctor refuses to give him a prescription without an appointment.

Becky and Hayley go shopping for a wedding dress, but Becky takes offence at a snooty assistant and they return empty-handed.

Also, Michelle arrives home on a break from her tour; Jason has a meeting with his bank manager and is thrilled when he gets the go ahead for a mortgage.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail wants to know why Joe caused a scene in the medical centre, and he tries to play it down but she’s still worried. Meanwhile, David continues to taunt Joe telling him he’ll get his pills if he can persuade Tina to get back with him. Joe’s at the end of his tether and begs a bemused Tina to give David another chance.

Tony finds the ring in Fiz’s locker and a furious Sally demands they call the police. Julie can’t bear to watch Fiz being wrongly accused and announces to Tony and the stunned factory girls that the ring belongs to Fiz as she’s engaged to John. Back at home, Fiz confronts Chesney and accuses him of stealing Rosie’s car, he tells her he doesn’t care and he’s furious with Fiz for keeping her engagement a secret from him. Later, Sally tells Fiz they’ve worked out that Chesney stole the car and they’re going to report him to the police.

Steve takes a depressed Becky back to the wedding dress shop and buys her the dress of her dreams. She can hardly contain her excitement as the big day draws closer.

Also, Jesse tells Bill he’s an electrician by trade and suggests they could work together.

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