Sam can’t understand why Rachel has claimed to have started the Home Farm fire and done a runner. Though he’s chuffed to be off the hook himself, he knows his fiancee is innocent and is sure something dodgy has gone on. Running into Charity and Declan in the pub, the farmhand kicks off, accusing the bankrupt entrepreneur of framing Rachel for the fire so he could claim the insurance money. Debbie’s watching on as the aggressive encounter unfolds. Noticing her mum’s awkward reaction, the mechanic starts to get suspicious herself.

In a department store in town, shoplifter Brenda tries out her new hobby. But as she’s slipping an MP3 player into her bag, sales assistant Neil approaches her, offering advice! Flustered, Brenda manages to make it out of the shop and get home without getting collared. But when Neil later appears in the village, she wonders if she’s rumbled…

Thinking Vanessa’s social life is lacking, Rhona suggests they go on a night out, but her offer doesn’t go down well with the vet.