Shirley is horrified when Heather reveals that she accidentally let slip to Marsden that Phil wasn’t with them when Archie was murdered. Marsden catches up with Phil and questions him about his alibi. Shirley is forced to confess that Heather blew his cover. Marsden returns with a search warrant and asks to see the shirt Phil was wearing on Christmas night. Phil looks panicky until Shirley produces the shirt. It’s been freshly laundered. Marsden later turns up at the Mitchells and announces that Sam is under arrest for murder, but Sam points the finger at Peggy instead…

Stacey reminds Bradley about her hospital appointment to check her pregnancy. Bradley tells Stacey that he’s excited, but Stacey doesn’t believe him. Bradley takes Stacey to the hospital and he suggests to Stacey that they leave Walford. Stacey hesitates but agrees that they should start a new life away from the Square.

Lucy throws a party at Ian’s rental flat after meeting an intriguing teen called Leon. Meanwhile, Lauren dumps a shocked Peter. At the party, Whitney and Todd meet a kid called Fat Boy and Peter ends up snogging a teen called Zsa Zsa. Lauren sees them and is upset. Whitney wants to sleep with Todd, but he wants to wait until she’s ready.

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