Sam agrees to a paternity test

Sam moans to Minty that her family have rejected her and she asks if she can move in with him. Heather is annoyed when Minty agrees. Sam gets Ricky alone and tells him that she still loves him, but Bianca interrupts. Meanwhile, Jack wants to know whether baby Richard is his son or not and Sam agrees to a paternity test.

Phil refuses to get professional help for his drug addiction and scarpers when the police come round. Ronnie and Billy think Phil is back on drugs. Shirley tells Heather that Phil is no longer her problem, but Phil confronts her and insists he’s had enough of the lies. Shirley challenges Phil to confess to the police that he torched the Vic to prove he’s on the level. Phil heads to the police station. Shirley stops him and tells him that he’s passed her test.

Stacey worries about her meeting with the social worker as she’s fearful that social services will take Lily from her. Jean pops into the local chemist and discovers that Stacey hasn’t been picking up her medication. The social worker arrives and notes that Stacey seems ‘agitated’. Charlie has a word with Stacey and tries to convince her to go back on her medication.

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