Sam agrees to help Johnny

As Sam tends to his bloody arm, Johnny demands she finds him a safe house to hide in. Sam suggests he stays in the annexe of Tony’s house. Johnny agrees but warns Sam not to double-cross him or he’ll reveal her past to Jack. Sam says she will help Johnny but worries when he mentions Rory’s name in a threat. Later, after discovering Tony’s house is empty for the night, Sam moves Johnny into the annexe.

Fitzgerald turns up at the school to tell Aden to go to the station to make an official statement. Aden is shocked and worried when Fitzy reveals that Annie doesn’t remember anything about her drunken night. Later, Morag offers him legal representation.

Still in hospital, Sally is dwelling on Tom’s prediction that Leah faces tragedy and confides in Pippa who clearly thinks Sally’s mind is playing tricks on her. In a bid to find out if her premonitions are valid Sally asks Martha whether Cassie is pregnant. Martha tries to evade her questions, which gives Sally the confirmation she needs.

Meanwhile, Leah receives a phone call which causes her to break down to Irene with the news that Dan is dead. Also, Drew suggests that he, Belle and Matilda go camping for the weekend.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 1*

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