Pollard breaks the news to the factory workers that he has no orders and the factory will have to close. Sam sympathises with Pollard and offers to work for free until he’s back on his feet. Pollard is touched but insists that it will make no difference and makes an off-the-cuff remark that it would have been better if the factory had just gone up in smoke.

Sam takes Pollard’s words literally and tells Eli that Pollard wants the factory torched for the insurance. Eli and Sam sneak into the factory and Eli suggests they take anything they may be able to sell. Eli spies an electric heater and realises it’s the perfect tool for arson. Eli and Sam flee as the factory goes up in flames and Pollard is horrified when Sam tells him what he’s done.

Ashley and Laurel take Gabby to the psychologist and are relieved when the psychologist seems satisfied that the family are close-knit. But they are stunned when they discover that Gabby is terrified that she’ll be ‘swapped’, just like Daniel, and he urges them to be honest about the recent goings on to reassure her.

Also, Daz brings up Jake’s attraction to Jasmine.