Now they’re engaged, Sam and Rachel want to plan their future. After Zak insists Jai hire his jobless son, the factory boss announces his plan to pay for Archie’s education. But Sam puts Jai firmly in his place, asserting that his son Samson and Rachel’s son Archie will be bought up the same.

Charity continues to work her manipulative magic as the police question secret arsonist Declan further about the Home Farm fire. As the detectives reveal the CCTV footage was tampered with, cunning Charity leaps at the opportunity to drop Sam in it.

Overwhelmed with grief over Gennie’s death, Brenda tells Bob she’s not sure she’ll ever feel happy again. After a great night with Cain, Moira’s still secretly disappointed her boyfriend didn’t propose. The mechanic meanwhile is fuming that the Bartons are showing no signs of moving out. His inner rage builds when James comes to the rescue when Moira hurts her foot.