Sam teases colleague Tom about his womanising, but it looks as if she’s not immune to his charms either! The pair work together when Sam’s friend from her martial arts gym, Melanie, is brought in with worrying symptoms. Melanie is ranked second in the country at her sport and has an important fight that night, but Tom wants to keep her in hospital. Tests then reveal that Melanie is pregnant but, when Tom goes to tell her the news, she’s disappeared, and Sam rushes to the fight arena to warn her friend she’s putting her baby in danger.

Will she be in time?

Later, after a tough day, Tom invites Sam for a drink, which turns into several. The evening ends in a taxi together, with a lingering kiss…

Elsewhere tensions between paramedic, Dixie, and desk clerk, Louise, continue to simmer. Cleaner Denise let’s slip to nurse Fletch that her bossy sister Linda was nicknamed ‘Jammy’ when they were growing up!