Sam becomes a drugs courier

Sam gets some more work doing the dodgy taxi deliveries for Eli. Sam is stunned when he drops off the client and the guy demands to know where his package is. Sam finds a package of cannabis stashed in the back seat and he angrily confronts Eli. But when Carl demands his back rent from Sam, Eli pressures Sam into doing one last job and he reluctantly agrees.

Carl is fed up when Jimmy turns up late for a business meeting and Matthew then lectures him about the refuse contract renewal and lending Debbie money. Carl despairs that his brothers won’t take risks when they veto his suggestion that they buy more waste trucks. A defiant Carl places an order for the trucks without his brothers’ knowledge.

Debbie tells Zak and Lisa that she’s buying Tug Ghyll, but they awkwardly remind her of her promise to pay Belle’s school fees. Debbie promises that she’ll sort something out and she borrows a little more than she needs from Carl, despite the steep monthly repayments. Zak worries that Debbie is overstretching herself but she promises him that she’s fine.

Also, Miles talks to Donald about bidding against the Kings for the bin contract.