Sam catches Lewis with Rachel

Sam is relieved to learn that Rachel has broken off her relationship with Lewis, after they clashed over a patient the week before. Things get worse when Sam and Lewis again disagree over the treatment of an elderly patient, who collapses.

Lewis’s diagnosis is wrong and he’s gutted to realise it could mean the end of his career, but Sam is unsympathetic. Lewis retaliates by telling Sam that if she reports him, he’ll make life difficult for her at work. Shaken, Sam is unimpressed when she later arrives home to find Rachel and Lewis kissing on the couch.

Brad tries to apologise to Tam for accusing her of stealing from him, and feels better when she agrees to go to the hospital with him to visit Pippa. After the visit, Tam surprises Brad by telling him she can see he’s still in love with Sally.

Tam plays cupid by telling Sally that Brad is still crazy about her, leaving Sally hopeful. Sally visits Brad, and asks him to move back home. But she’s disappointed when Brad reveals he’s going to rent a townhouse for him and Tam to live in instead.

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