Sam tells Emma he wants to make a timetable for Switzerland. He hasn’t been given the go-ahead from Clemence yet, but he wants to be ready when they get back to him. Emma tries to delay the conversation, but knows she has no choice. The two sit down with a calendar and discuss what date Sam will die. It looks like Emma’s about to break down, but instead she starts laughing; this is all so surreal. Sam pushes on – how will they bring back his remains? They need to book flights. Suddenly it hits Emma – this is real. It’s going to happen.

Al wants to confirm plans with Jas for darts that evening. He’s his usual droll self, but we know he’s desperate for her to say yes. When Jas later asks for his advice with a patient, he starts to think that maybe – just maybe – he’s in with a chance. Later, Al overhears Heston chatting to Daniel about his friend Rory chasing a stunning woman, and Daniel reckons he’s punching above his weight. Al speaks up – looks aren’t everything, maybe there’s more than meets the eye? Later, Al gives Jas a gift – new darts. She’s touched.

As they leave, a pair of heels hit the tarmac: Zara’s back. As she strides into Daniel’s office he’s pleased to see her, but she makes it clear she’s not here to discuss personal issues. She’s heard Howard’s been offered a partnership, and she’s here to make sure that’s not going to happen!

Also, Heston worries about a burgeoning relationship between his friend and an infamous ‘kiss and tell’ celebrity.