Sam disrupts Dan and Libby’s parties

Dan surprises Libby with a house for sale that he wants them to buy. Caught up in the excitement of building a future together, Dan and Libby are reminded that they’re unlikely to have a child of their own. As the wedding preparations continue, the buck and hen parties both end up at Charlie’s where the fun comes to an abrupt halt when Sam walks through the door, and she’s heavily pregnant!

Rebecca tells Carmella she’s heard from Oliver and he was wondering why he hasn’t heard from Carmella. The conversation is cut short when Carmella mistakes Principal Simpson for a stripper and her and Rebecca start taunting him. When Rebecca tells the crowd Mr Simpson is too tightly wound to pull a stunt like that, he tells her to put her money where her mouth is and she ends up stripping Principal Simpson to prove she’s game!

Ty’s music career and trip to Japan come to an end when Tanya drops him from the band. Her bruised ego cannot cope with being rejected by Ty, but she tells Ty his substance issues are to blame. Rachel feels betrayed to learn that there’s more to Ty’s past than he’s admitted to her.

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