Sam does a runner with Samson!

Sam is afraid when the police turn up to look for him at the barn and he sneaks out of the back with Samson. Shadrach goes to the barn and he panics when he discovers that Sam has disappeared. Shadrach admits to Chas that he encouraged Sam run away. The Dingles are furious and they set out to look for the still missing Sam, but they’re forced to call off the search when darkness falls. Zak is frustrated by their lack of progress and Lisa is upset when Zak accuses her of causing Sam to run away by calling in social services.

Val makes a list of everything she wants to see before her operation, just in case she ends up going blind. A self-pitying Val compares her upcoming operation with Diane’s op for bowel cancer. Diane is offended by Val’s comparison and stalks off. Later, Pollard tells Val that he’s paid for her to have her operation done privately and Val fakes her enthusiasm.

Donna is still struggling to get on with Shane, as he seems to be on a constant wind up. Ross tells Donna to stop seeing Shane as the enemy because he’s a good guy and a good cop.