Sam fights back when Jai attacks!

So Jai has worked out Megan is pregnant and he wants answers. But when Sam realises Jai has found out the truth, that Megan has spent months trying to hide, Sam panics. As he tries to escape Jai, who has hunted him down for answers, Sam falls over and then gets pinned down by him! Fighting back, Sam reaches out, finds a doorstop and clouts Jai over the head with it! Sam then panics as Jai seems to be unconscious…

Knowing Bob is hiding something from her, Brenda turns to Harriet for help. And soon, the former PI has someone tailing the men, who are on their way to Hotten General for another appointment about Ashley’s dementia.

At the hospital, the vicar is horrified when a fellow patient fails to recognise his own son. It leaves Ashley even more determined to keep the diagnosis from Harriet. But it might just be too late for that as Brenda has learned Bob was at the hospital, and wants to know why.

Love-cheat Paddy panics when his wife Rhona asks for Tess’s phone number, wanting to consult the teaching assistant about becoming a school governor.