Sam fights her corner!

It’s judgement day for Sam, who has to appear before the General Medical Council (GMC) for restraining Keith Parr, a hospital visitor who claims she assaulted him.

Determined to take control of her own destiny, Sam sacks her defence team before the hearing starts and decides to represent herself. But faced with CCTV footage of the incident and unintentionally damning testimonies from Jordan, Scarlett and Dylan, Sam soon wonders if she’s made the right decision!

The summons of Corporal Dean, who gives evidence at the trial revealing that Sam shot a civilian at point blank range in Afghanistan, leaves everyone stunned and Sam shaken.

It looks like Sam’s career is over, until a shock diagnosis reveals an unwell Keith Parr has cancer – which could explain why Sam’s restraint of him lead to a fracture.

Sam’s name is cleared and she celebrates with her colleagues. Meanwhile, Dylan begins to reconsider their relationship in light of everything he learned during the trial, unaware that Sam’s begun divorce proceedings…