At the Halloween party, Steph is frantic when she realises Charlie has gone missing. She takes her frustrations out on Summer as she was meant to be looking after him. Despite his previous cold behaviour towards Summer, Andrew comforts her. When Charlie turns up, Steph is relieved but her happiness turns to confusion when she realises Dan’s ex-wife, Sam, was the one who found Charlie and is back in town.

Although surprised to see her, Steph is grateful to her for finding Charlie, until Sam reveals that she knows about Steph and Dan’s baby, and that she’d been to see Dan and Adam. Sensing a tense situation, Lyn tries to change the subject and asks why Sam’s back in town. When she explains she’s there for work, Steph and Toadie realise she’s there to prosecute the case against Steph.

Donna throws herself into her Uni work, and despite deadlines looming, she refuses to ask for an extension. Kate is concerned and when Donna fails the assignment, she tells Kate that even though she failed, it was nice to have something else to think about.

Summer points out to Steph that she’d be crazy not to have Toadie as her lawyer, especially now Sam has shown up to prosecute her. Toadie agrees and gets started on her case.

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