Sam gets a shock

Martha tries to explain to a disbelieving Sam why she’s wearing her wedding dress. But when the zip sticks and she can’t get it off, Sam loses it and storms off. When Jack goes back to pick up the dress, and sees Martha in it, he can’t deny his attraction to her in the dress, or in her underwear when he helps her disrobe.

Later, Martha explains to Michael that she loves Jack, but wants to be with Michael. Meanwhile, Jack admits to Tony that he’s in love with two women. When a peace offering from Martha to Sam goes wrong at the hospital, Martha refuses to wait for an escort and ventures into the car park alone. Martha suddenly finds herself in danger when the hospital attacker strikes…

Rachel is reflective after losing her baby, and although Lewis wants to get their relationship back on track, the experience has taught Rachel that they’re in different places in their lives. She wasn’t willing to wait until Kim was ready for a baby and Lewis is no different.

Later, Lewis tells Rachel he’s been offered a surgical rotation, which would be good for his career, but means they won’t see each other so often. He again tries to patch things up, but Rachel is positive they should split.

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