Sam gets involved with Jack

Jack wants to use the Vic to host a party as he’s got trouble at the club and he’s furious when Phil agrees – for 500 pounds! Phil and Peggy are horrified when Sam later reveals that Jack has offered her a job at the club. Phil offers Jack the Vic for free if he’ll retract Sam’s job offer but a smug Jack turns him down. Phil tells Sam that if she takes the job she’ll have to move out. Sam calls Phil’s bluff and arranges to move in with Ricky.

Janine is delighted when Sam asks her to be chief bridesmaid at her wedding. Archie finds out and accuses Janine of going soft on him. Janine tells Archie that they need to keep their eye on the prize and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Liz sneaks Owen into Dot’s house and is confronted by Pat, who is looking after Jim while Dot’s away for a few days. Pat reminds Liz that Owen shouldn’t be in the Square but Liz ignores her objections. Liz begs Pat not to tell Patrick but Liz later sees them talking and Patrick gives her a disappointed look.

Also, Shirley agrees to work in Darren’s ice cream van; Phil sees Jack doing a dodgy deal; Archie gets a call from the hospital.