Terrified Sam charges through the bush with Rusty in hot pursuit, determined to finish her off once and for all. Meanwhile, Jack starts to seriously worry about Sam’s whereabouts, when he returns from picking Rory up from school, and there’s still no sign of Sam.

Jack realises Sam is in chronic danger when Colleen mentions an odd man was looking for Sam earlier. Panicking, Jack calls the police.

Over in the bush, a deranged Rusty has almost caught up with Sam, but luckily, Jack hears her screams and tackles Rusty to the ground. As the police arrive, Rusty tells a distraught Sam that her no-good ex-husband has plenty more friends who’ll come after her.

Later, Jack is stunned to arrive home to an empty house and a letter from Sam saying she’s had to leave the Bay in order to keep herself and Rory safe.

Martha is finishing up at the bar when smooth talking Cam turns up and convinces her to accompany him to a VIP club in Yabbie Creek. The next morning, Tony is horrified to see the bar has been trashed and the till is hanging open, completely empty.

*Screened on RTE One, Friday May 25*

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