Sam goes on the run

The Bay residents reel at the revelation that Sam harboured Johnny Cooper before murdering him, along with salacious details of her shady past. On the run, Sam calls Jazz for help and Jazz agrees to sneak into Jack’s house and retrieve Sam’s emergency money.

Meanwhile, Rachel worries Sam could be haemorrhaging after her miscarriage, while Tony frets about Jack who has left the Bay to see Rory and isn’t answering his mobile. At the same time, Martha arrives home to find Sam waiting for her…

Later, Tony gets a short text from Jack asking for help, and to meet him at Stewart’s Point. Tony heads off immediately, but moments later Rachel receives a mysterious call from Sam, begging for help. The next morning, Sam is found washed up on the beach…

After being trapped beneath the collapsed roof of the Diner, Aden’s recovery is going well, although he is suffering from a little memory loss, and forgets the row he had with his dad Larry. But Larry worries the truth will be revealed when Roman visits Aden and bans Roman from visiting again.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 15*

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