Sam insists it would have been better if he’d died from his infection. Emma’s frustration and hurt comes to the fore – she’s come across patients in a worse condition than him who have found plenty of meaning and hope in their lives. But Sam insists this is not how he wants to live. However, when Emma and Chris return he has a whole different approach. He’s going to try to be more positive, they must enjoy being a family and the quality of life he has now. Emma breathes a sigh of relief, she knew he could think himself out of this one.

Sam tells Chris that he thinks his idea of getting a new GP is a good one and Heston seems the obvious choice. Sam compliments his family on their wonderful strength and for now the three seem united – but it’s clear the wheels are turning inside Sam’s mind…

Rob suggests a suitable replacement for Mrs Tembe’s departing vicar. Gordon is a local vicar that he’s worked with on some community projects, who he knows is looking for a change of scene since his wife died. Mrs Tembe sits Rob down and cross examines him rigorously about Gordon’s suitability with Barbara. Satisfied, she urges him to point this vacancy out to his friend before the church goes to wrack and ruin.

Also, an elderly patient of Kevin is given a second chance at love – but will she be able to take it?