Sam helps Cass to snare Paul

Sam accidentally reveals to Cass that Dan is not the father of her unborn baby, and decides she should leave Erinsborough as a result. But as she books a flight to New Zealand, Dan reaches out to repair their relationship and she has second thoughts. Later, Cass comes to see Sam, telling her she will keep her secret about the baby in exchange for Sam’s help.

Desperate to keep her secret, Sam agrees and is forced to play a part in Cass’s plan to snare Paul and on Cass’ behalf Sam encourages Paul to kick Donna out of his house.

Donna leaps to the wrong conclusion and is horrified when she discovers that Ringo spent the night at her mother’s house. Donna is determined to expose her mother’s shady past and dodgy intentions, but her plan falls apart when a blackmailed Sam encourages Paul to act on Cass’ behalf and Donna is forced to move back in with the rest of her family.

Callum fears that Toadie isn’t coping with Kelly’s departure and uses his new scouting skills to come up with a sneaky plan to take his mind off it all.

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