Sam goes to visit John Paul, where she forces him to answer some tough questions. She’s heartbroken when John Paul admits to his and Danny’s affair. John Paul is devastated as his only confident walks away. Before Sam can confront Danny, the doctor tells the Lomaxes that Peri is in recovery and Sam can’t bear to tear her family apart.

Ste realises Fraser has implicated him in the crash and murder of the police officer. Later, Ste finds Sinead’s video camera with footage of her and Katy on the day she was rushed to hospital. It proves that Sinead didn’t poison her baby.

Lindsey takes Sinead to the psychiatric unit for observation. Ste finds Freddie at Sinead’s bedside and is furious at him for not believing in his wife. Lindsey offers Freddie a shoulder to cry on and the pair kiss. Later, Ste convinces Sonny that Sinead didn’t kill Katy.

It’s Joe’s 30th birthday and Sandy is suspicious when Fraser gets a call from Guildway hospital, not knowing her son is there in a coma. Sandy follows Fraser and when she finds him at the hospital, she barges into Joe’s room. However, a nurse is blocking Joe’s face and Sandy leaves.

Elsewhere, Grace’s dad tells her Joe is waking up, so at the hospital, Grace threatens an unconscious Joe, unaware he can hear everything. Grace and Trevor leave the room and Joe’s eyes snap open.