Sam is arrested on suspicion of arson!

*First episode*

Arrested on suspicion of arson with intent, innocent Sam is freaking out. At the police station he makes the case against him appear even more damning as he admits to having had a row with Megan before the Home Farm fire started. When the police show Sam the CCTV footage of him inside the Macey’s home, he realises it’s not looking good, and no amount of Rachel insisting on his innocence is likely to help.

The village gossip machine goes into overdrive over news of Sam’s arrest. Declan and Charity put on a good show as the guilty pair act shocked by the development. With Declan having started the fire, and Charity doing her best to put the blame on Sam in a bid to get rid of Rachel and baby Archie, in secret the duo are thrilled.

Moira’s foot isn’t healing – in fact, she’s in agony. When James takes her to A&E, Cain arrives after the event, fuming. Sending the flirty farmer on his way, Cain makes it clear if anyone is playing Moira’s hero – it’s him.