Sam is arrested!

Sam is nervous when Ross flags him down for a lift after his own car breaks down and Ross is suspicious. Sam accidentally clips a kerb and Eli’s package of drugs for delivery falls from under the seat. Ross arrests Sam for possession with intent to supply. Sam protests that the drugs are not his but he refuses to implicate Eli and he breaks down when he learns that he could face two years in prison.

Matthew is annoyed when he gets a call about the contract for the new trucks that Carl is arranging and he cancels the meeting. Matthew tells a furious Carl that he’s the boss and they don’t need any more trucks. Jimmy refuses to back up Carl and Carl is frustrated. Later, Carl grumpily apologises to Matthew for being out of order, but it’s clear he’s still not happy.

Duke is worried when Daz turns up to return TJ after picking him up from playgroup along with Samson and he wonders why Sam didn’t pick up the kids, unaware that Sam has been arrested. Daz tells nosy Duke to mind his own business.

Also, Lily asks Edna to visit Peter with her.