Sam is found dead!

Geoff and Annie witness a dead body being brought out from the beach. They also spot journalist Belle gathering information from police, arriving back at the newspaper offices with a front page story. However, she is shocked when the dead body is confirmed as Sam.

Fitzgerald arrives at Tony’s in search of Jack. Tony explains he hasn’t seen Jack since last night at Stewart’s Point, and Rachel reveals details of the phone call she received from Sam. Fitzgerald then reveals that Sam is dead, suspected drowned. But Fitzgerald then receives a call from Sam’s colleagues who have found a suicide note.

Fitzgerald interviews Morag about her reported sighting of Sam the previous night. During this, Martha arrives to overhear news of Sam’s death but her reaction makes Fitzgerald and Morag suspicious. After Fitzgerald leaves, Martha reveals to Morag that Sam threatened her, demanding cash to use to go on the run, or else Sam would reveal everything about Jack’s crooked past.

Martha explains she went to the beach to meet Sam, but she never showed up. Later, things get worse when Fitzgerald reveals the autopsy showed there was no water found in Sam’s lungs and the case is now a murder investigation.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday May 16*

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